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The EddSON Willow Cricket Scorebook is the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive method of cricket scoring. It has been designed to cater for the needs of both novice and experienced scorers.

By utilising the flexibility and ease of use of the Microsoft Windows environment the Willow Cricket Scorebook provides features not found in any other computer based scoring package.

The Willow Scorebook automates the scoring process allowing you to concentrate on the game in the knowledge that your scorebook is accurate.

All common scoring events are recorded by one key press or one click of the mouse. This is achieved using the Options Pallette, a window of icons representing a dot ball, byes, leg byes, runs, wickets, no balls and wides. To record one run simply click the one run icon and watch as all the analysis windows update automatically.

You can see as much or as little detail as you need during the scoring process. Analysis windows are available for Batting, Bowling, Over, Fall Of Wicket, Scoreboard, Radial Charts, Match Summary and Score-Sheet. Each can be turned on or off at any time. You can also position Analysis windows anywhere on the screen, providing a truly customisable scorebook.

Willow Cricket Scorebook is very flexible. It supports limited and unlimited over Cricket, One & Two Inning matches, From 5 to 15 players per team plus substitute, No Ball penalties of value one and two. Matches can be saved, loaded and exported for later analysis, mistakes can be corrected using the Undo facility, Innings can be suspended for Rain, Light, Lunch, Tea, Drinks and other unforeseen circumstances, Match results can be calculated automatically, Times can be recorded automatically or manually, Batsmen and Bowlers can be automatically selected, Overs can be ended automatically.

Willow Cricket Scorebook is also comprehensive. Captains and Keepers can be recorded, Byes and Leg Byes are indicated in the Bowlers analysis, Radial Charts can be produced indicating where every ball was hit and every run scored, Recording of Weather & Pitch conditions for each innings, Supports Local Customs, Match & Innings Notes, Bowler and Batsmen Retirements (Out & Not Out), All match analysis can be printed using standard Windows printer drivers. Matches may also be exported to other Cricket Software products using the standard CSF (Cricket Scorebook Format).

Willow Cricket Scorebook is installed from CD, includes manual, registration information, tutorial and work book files, comprehensive On-line help which includes the Laws Of Cricket, How To Guide and Technical Product details.

System Requirements:

Any IBM compatible PC with an 80486 or higher. (Pentium recommended)
A hard disk with 6Mb free space.
A Compact Disk (CD) drive.
A VGA, 8514, SVGA, XGA or compatible display.
16 Megabytes of memory (RAM).
A mouse or tracker ball device (Recommended but not essential).
MS Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or later.

Willow Scorebook is available for 49 pounds sterling including VAT & UK Delivery.

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