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(22/02/07) We have moved. EddSON have uped sticks and moved again from the town to the country.

We also note that there are problems running Willow with Vista at present. We hope to update the situation soon.

TA3 6DB.

Tel/Fax: (+44) 01823-480770

(22/09/04) It seems a little while since these web pages were updated but I thought it was worthwhile marking the passage of time and it is now ten years since EddSON launched Willow Cricket Scorebook. Although there are no further product updates since 2003 we now distribute through Sporting Software in the UK and through ANTS (Greg Sanders) in Australia. Both organisations offer a comprehensive service to our worldwide customers.


(23/03/03) Some of our customers have recently reported problems loading the trial version of Willow. We have identified an issue relating to the version of some common dynamic load libraries that caused Willow to fail with an 'unexpected error' when run. To correct this problem we provide the following ZIP file which identifies and corrects problems with missing and mismatched load libraries. Download the ZIP file, uncompress it and then run the Setup progam.

Click here to download Vb5.zip

Another issue that affects customers running Windows XP. If you are running the Windows XP theme then some Willow windows do not size correctly. To correct this problem:
Right click on the desktop and choose properties. Now select Themes and change the Windows XP theme to Windows Classic.

(14/01/03) It has been a long time coming and this latest update is far from what i had hoped but this further interim release of Willow does address a number of issues and is well worth a download. v1.03 Rel 003c is available for download now.
Click here to download Willow v1.03 Rel 003c

(18/09/00) Many thanks for your comments regarding our new look web site. Overall the reaction was extremely positive.

Now the news you have been waiting for. The new release of Willow is now available. v1.03 Rel 003 is available for download and includes updates to encompass changes brought about by the 2000 Laws plus much more besides. This is the first update of Willow for over six months and we hope you think it was worth the wait.
Click here to download Willow v1.03 Rel 003 Now

(11/07/00) At last our web site has been revamped and not before time. We are now concentrating 100 percent on Cricket and we hope you like the result. With the advent of the new 2000 laws we are working hard on a new release of Willow which will be available before the end of September in time for you all to get to grips with the changes and new additions. Keep this site bookmarked and get ready for the new release.

(27/01/00) Willow has been overhauled for the new release and v1.03 rel 002 is now available. The new version sports several new features and fixes as well. The new version is now able to support up to 15 players per side. It contains new displays for Runs Distribution and Scoring Positions with equivalent printing options. New export options are provided to link to the Cricket Statz product and support is included for O-M-W-R bowling displays. Other updates are documented within the supporting documentation.
Click here to download Willow v1.03 Rel 002 Now

(02/04/99) It has been over a year since the last major update to Willow but it is finally here. Willow has been converted to a true 32 bit application capable of taking advantage of special features within Windows 95, 98 and NT. The new release of Willow is v1.03 rel 001 and is available to download from this site. Be warned though, it has grown quite considerable. Willow is now a whopping 5Mb download.
Click here to download Willow v1.03 Rel 001 Now

You can also now order the Willow Scorebook on-line using credit card. We have utilised the services of Reg.Net a reliable and secure transaction ordering site.
Click here to order Willow on-line

(10/03/98) The long awaited new release of the Willow Cricket Scorebook is finally available. Release 009 sports an array of new features. We have once again listened carefully to scorers across the globe and believe Willow Scorebook v1.02 Release 009 maintains its status as the most comprehensive and up to date scoring system available anywhere. Major new features include Partnership Bar Graphs and a five option Autosave facility including the ability to interface with the Internet and to Electronic Scoreboards. Check out the WSB.TXT file for the version history from the download library page.
Click here to download Willow v1.02 Rel 009a Now

(18/02/98) EddSON are pleased to announce a reseller agreement with Australian company A.N.T.S. Greg Sanders from A.N.T.S can now offer a local reseller service for any potential Willow customers within Australia and New Zealand. Check out the A.N.T.S web site for details.


(17/12/97) We have moved. EddSON have been busy of late preparing to move offices. Finally the work is over and we are now happily ensconced in new surroundings. Our contact details have therefore changed. Our new details are :-

23 Lyme Road,
TA18 8HE.

Tel/Fax: (+44) 01460-74002

(04/07/97) Further minor amendments have been made to Willow release 008. These are bundled together into release 008d which is available below. This update only corrects minor problems and existing customers are asked to download release 008d only if they are currently experiencing difficulties. Check out the WSB.TXT file for the version history from the download library page.
Click here to download Willow v1.02 Rel 008d Now

(01/06/97) A problem has been found when printing using Willow release 008. If you find you have difficulties printing Willow Scorebooks then try downloading the newly updated release 008a. This update only corrects this printing problem and existing customers are asked to download release 008a only if they are currently experiencing printing difficulties. .
Click here to download Willow v1.02 Rel 008a Now

(01/06/97) Less than three months have gone by and yet we are ready again to bring you a much improved new release of the Willow Scorebook. Release 008 includes over fifteen new facilities, improvements and additions and addresses the requests of scorers across the world. From Manhattan Graphs to Single Page printing, from Scoring Wides as balls faced to recording hourly innings scores, Willow has something new for everyone. If you havn't looked at Willow before then Release 008 will not disappoint.
Click here to download Willow v1.02 Rel 008 Now

(10/03/97) We have bumbed up our web space and can now bring Willow v1.02 Release Release 007 to you directly from this site. Although we havn't broken ties with CricInfo and still intend to upload new versions there the EddSON Web Site will now become the primary source for obtaining new versions of software, fixes, documentation, etc.

(17/02/97) Some of you have reported problems downloading the Willow program from CricInfo. We have now updated the link to CricInfo so that this problem should no longer occur. Please accept our apologies for any confusion and inconvenience.

(01/02/97) EddSON have been able to reduce Web Design and Bespoke Software Development prices even further. Have a look at our competitive 1997 price list. Pricing

(14/01/97) Release 007 of the Willow Cricket Scorebook is full of improvements and it is also available now. We hope to have Release 007 uploaded to CricInfo in the next few weeks so that you can download and try it for yourself.

Some issues with Licence/Serial No details and compatibility with Cricket Statistics for Windows have been resolved.
The Fall of Wickets window now includes parnership times and balls which are also reflected during prints.
The Bowling Detail window now includes an Options menu allowing the selection of small or large fonts so that the Window may be resized.
The Options menu has been restructured to provide sub options for the type of Options Icon Palette displayed. A new option has been added for an Extended Horizontal Options Palette which displays the full 36 icons in a 18 column by 2 row format.
The Events Innings menu now contains a Stumps option to enable matches to be suspended at the end of a days play.
A 'Subscript Out Of Range' error which could occur during the display of the Run Rate Graph has been corrected.
A problem when printing the Scorebook or Batting Detail has been corrected so that batting times of greater than 99 minutes are now produced accurately.
Corrections have been made to the Open Match routine to ensure variables and windows are correctly initialised.
Five options have been added to the Scoresheet window to enable detailed examination of the Scoresheet information. These options are lists of Stoppages, Notes, 50's, Alterations and the taking of New Balls.
A new Print option has been added to generate a list of fifties achieved. The option produces a list of the dates, times, balls etc when the score, batsmen or partnerships reach any multiple of 50.