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The following files are available for download. If you have a suitable web browser (Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer v2 or above)you can simple click the file you require and it will betransferred to your PC automatically. Files listed below which havefile extensions of .EXE will need to be expanded before use. Simply create a temporary directory on your hard disk and run the executable from this new directory.

If you are a registered user of Willow then you can use this download to upgrade your copy entirely free of charge. If you are new to Willow cricket scoring then you can still try out the full program for a month.

v1.03 release 003c is the latest version of the Willow Cricket Scorebook. It is designed for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, W2000 and XP platforms. If you are a Windows 3.x user then look for v1.02 Release 009c later on this page. The 32 bit version of Willow is supplied as a single 5Mb download.

Willow 32bit Program for 95, 98, ME, NT, W2000 and XP
WSB1033c.EXE v1.03r003c- 14/01/2003 - 5,865,472 - Download Page

Some of our customers have recently reported problems loading the trial version of Willow. We have identified an issue relating to the version of some common dynamic load libraries that caused Willow to fail with an 'unexpected error' when run. To correct this problem we provide the following ZIP file which identifies and corrects problems with missing and mismatched load libraries. Download the ZIP file, uncompress it and then run the Setup progam.
We also advise that for Windows XP users that the screen properties are set to Windows Classic style rather than the Windows XP style that operates as default. This will ensure correct window sizing.

Click here to download Vb5.zip

Another issue that affects customers running Windows XP. If you are running the Windows XP theme then some Willow windows do not size correctly. To correct this problem:
Right click on the desktop and choose properties. Now select Themes and change the Windows XP theme to Windows Classic.

Release 009c of the Willow Cricket Scorebook sports an array of new features. We have once again listened carefully to scorers across the globe and believe Willow Scorebook v1.02 Release 009 maintains its status as the most comprehensive and up to date scoring system available anywhere. Have a look at the WSB.TXT file below to find out what is new.

Willow 16bit Program for Windows 3.1x
WSB10291.EXE v1.02r009c- 22/09/1998 - 1,241,919 - Disk 1 of 2
WSB10292.EXE- 10/03/1997 - 1,077,089 - Disk 2 of 2

Willow Version History
WSB.TXT- 07/01/2001 - 28,141

Willow Information for New Users
INFO.TXT- 09/09/2000 - 6,300

Willow Order Form
ORDER.TXT- 16/09/2000 - 2,960

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