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The Willow Frequently Asked Questions File:

Q - What is the current release of Willow ?
A - Willow is now at v1.03 rel 003b and we are gathering comment and ideas ready for release 004 which will see the light of day sometime in 2001. Details of release 003b can be found in Whats New and on the Cricket pages. This version includes support for the new 2000 Laws.

Q - Are updates to Willow free ?
A - EddSON do not charge for updates to Willow downloaded over the internet although we do require a nominal fee of 12 to cover manufacture and postage costs if you need us to send you new media. EddSON will release new versions to the internet for downloading so that you can obtain the latest copy quickly. As long as you have a licence then you will be able to run new versions straight away and without incurring additional costs.

Q - What are the limits to Willow's ability to score matches ?
A - Willow can score all and any match that is consistent with normal match regulations of either one or two innings. Willow can handle matches with innings of up to 500+ overs, with scores greater than 1000 runs. Bowlers can bowl 250+ overs per innings. The only limitations are that of PC memory. We recommend you have at least 32Mb of PC memory to score a test match but 64Mb will allow you to score the most lengthy of matches.